$10 a month for Groceries? Being Broke, but eating good!


Update! I found another rebate! Thank you to the viewer that made me aware of the $1 saving star rebate. So I spent $1.04 for everything! Leaving us with $8.96 left to do a few more hauls for the month.

$10 a month for Dinner Groceries? If you had to make it work could you?

We spent $1.04 on Everything purchased in this trip.

After everything purchased, imagine having $7.94 left to create similar hauls with additional necessary items.

The following things will last a month or more:
-Pasta Sauce
-Yogurt*(enough to add to lunch for about 2 weeks)
What would need to be added?

We could get these FREE or cheap in am upcoming sale. (they were free last week with coupons. They are .29 this week at Publix and other stores. And they will likely be FREE again soon)

(Pasta will be .50 with coupons at Publix in a few days. Plus its often cheaper than that several times throughout the year)

– Browse the meat section at your local store. look for discounted meat to stay within a specified budget. Use meat as a side rather than an entree. Try meatless meals a few times a week to balance it out.

All in all, we spent $2.04.
With over $7 left to create a similar haul for pasta and meal, we could have dinner for a month easily.

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