6 Years After This News Anchor Helped A Boy Get Adopted, A Teenager Snuck Up And Left Her In Tears


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One Texas television star is famous for helping young children get adopted. But, six years after she helped find one young boy a family, he snuck up behind her. And what he had to say left her in floods of tears.

In 2014 news anchor Gloria Campos was celebrating her 30-year anniversary with Dallas-Fort Worth-based television channel WFAA. Over the course of her career Campos had achieved many things and become somewhat of a local celebrity. In fact, her popularity earned her more than 10,000 followers on Twitter.
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Campos joined WFAA in 1984 making her the first Hispanic anchor in the area. Since then she has covered everything from elections to the Super Bowl. However, it is her famous Wednesday’s Child segments that people remember the most.

The moving reports feature children who are currently in foster care and awaiting adoption. The aim is to find the youngsters loving families and it appeared Campos was a natural at the job. In the 25 years she presented the feature, she shared 350 children’s stories, three-quarters of which ended in adoption.


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