A Hope in Hell Official Trailer (2010) Haitian Movie HD


http://fimdous.com The Official Haitian HD movie trailer for A Hope in Hell

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane – No it’s a Caribbean Star!

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ATIS – The No. 1 source of Official Haitian Movie Trailers and clips since the #HaitianRenaissance. We have joined the movement. We have put our “Tet Ansanm” and are doing our part pushing official Haitian movie trailers, of our expressive connected generation, to the masses, stars and beyond.

Following in the steps behind TapTap Culture! and FimDous, ATIS is a youthful Haitian brand built from the ground up promoting and showcasing all the latest Haitian movie trailers and Haitian movie clips. A kick ass promotional platform for artistic and creative Haitian film projects & cinematography to stand on.



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