APOLOGIZE | Mesaj pam sou dosye Jenny Queen ak Fedna a



Hello, good morning
to all fans and supporters in Haiti, international fans,
and social media doing a great job for the artists

I have been involved in a publishing buzz on the internet for almost 3 days

Today I am talking with you with many regrets
I feelt that my lack of maturity not only overwhelms my fanatics and makes them suffer,
but it also disturbs the lifestyle of 2 girls promoting Haitian movies,
to put a smile on the hearts of the Haitian people who are already in a serious socio-political context.
I do not need to repeat everything that has been said already because most are true.
 I’m just saying I am all wrong. I really regret the ridicule I make.
Therefore I will take this time to ask all my fans for forgiveness for what I give you because today I am thankful for you.
I had to be a model, an example in the front line of your eyes.
Sorry to all my fans living in Haiti, sorry to all those living in the diaspora, sorry to every single foreigner who is constantly following me

Everyone gives their own interpretation of what happened. there is the good talk there is the wrong talk.

They also speak very badly of women,
The ladies are artists but also they have private life and when you say that what they play is what they are, it’s sometimes not totally true.

I will not elaborate too much on the story that happened
But I’m not a perfect person who explains everything about their hearing

I will apologize to Fedna who is an extrovert actress, the mother of my childre who made a lot of sacrifices for the movies and also sacrificed for me.
I will apologize to Jenny Queen who is an exceptional and unparalleled actress who sacrifices for the movies, for me and who is a victim of myself.
I beg your thanks to both of you ladies and I apologize.

I bow low to introduce my apology especially to Wilmix a full-fledged guy, a great Haitian filmmaker,
who is a father, a brother, a friend, a teacher to me, Wilmix I deeply regret what I have done to you, you do not deserve it.
Today after all that you have done in life is a time to honor you, but unfortunately I have committed a great unfortune in your life that has caused you so much suffering.
Wilmix I apologize wholeheartedly. If only I could find your forgiveness with the ladies I would look at this forgiveness as Jesus’ water said if I drank it I would never thirst,

I know that emotion has been very talkative, that is either kissing the ladies, on the networks and in the production

I hope this hook will end, certainly our image will look different
Because that was not supposed to happen in this phase as a type of public character that we are we should have avoided that
it is likely that many things are affected by this situation.
The affectation encompasses my surroundings, the production, the public’s perseption and
esteem many people had for me.

To all my fans i know that you are very shocked, I hurt you, if you speak wrong you are right,
but once again I beg your pardon, you invest in me a lot, without you I am nothing.
Everyone is happy, despite my serious mistakes, beyond limits. But I wish you were forgiven
Our cinema does not deserve that, on the contrary, it deserves greater focus and greater unity.
I hope you will be not frustrated if you ask the artists questions about their privacy and that we do not want to share our lives with you.
Many times our privacy is not so pretty

Well, I’m not saying you can forget what happened.
I rely a lot on our understanding
I know your love for me will not be different from day to day
But I also believe that I have a rare love for you.



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