Hello Lost Ones, and welcome to another episode of #TheLostLife. On this episode, I’m taking you back to Haiti, this time to the port city of Jacmel. Now better known for having one of the more intact and tourist centric cities in Haiti, Jacmel was once a bustling port for import and export in the Caribbean. One large export here was coffee, and as coffee was brought down from the hills, it was processed, sorted, packed, and sold in factories around the city. Present day, these factories are a row of ruins, and wandering the side streets of Jacmel away from the tourist shops and galleries would appear to be all abandoned and forgotten. But behind the crumbling facades and rusted iron doors lies a bit of life. With a local who took us into the factories, he showed us around the connecting factories lost to time. The halls and wells inside said to be inhabited only by Voodoo spirits, with Voodoo art drawn on the walls. Remnants of century old machinery and documents still sit on every floor. But not all was forgotten here. After exploring the ruins, our guide, who once worked in those factories, took us into one that has been taken over by an artist enclave. Students here collaborate to create works of art together of all topics ranging from history, to politics, to religion, and to life.

One thing I always felt in Haiti was that no matter the hardship or ruin, beauty always stayed true in the people. And these young artist were taking that and putting Ayiti’s beauty back into the world with their hands — within walls of ruin beauty is born.

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“Not all wo are lost need to be found.”

DISCLAIMER: This is a student portfolio. All music in this video is not my own, and all rights go to the artists and creators.

Music By:
– Josh Woodward “Private Hurricane”
– Ink Spots “Java Jive”

– iPhone 6
– Canon 650 Rebel T4i

Edited on:
– Adobe Premiere (Video and Color)
– iMovie (Audio an Voiceover)

– Jacmel Haiti, January 2015, Bouchard and Co. factory and Prince’s Art Gallery



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