Haitian Vibe TV Season 01 Episode 01 [08-04-2012]: Carimi & The Boat Ride


Haitian Vibe TV S01EP01 Carimi & The Boat Ride: Haitian Vibe host Martine got a chance to catch up to Michael Guirand, a member of the Haitian band Carimi. They were performing in the Atlanta area so Martine jumped on the opportunity to bring him on the show. She was able to get out of him some interesting answers to some very personal questions. The Hot Topic discussed in this episode is unbelievably shocking. We introduce you to your two new hosts, Martine and Dahene “Dee”, at the 3rd annual Boat Ride at Lake Lanier. This will be one the hottest episodes this year. Don’t miss it. Watch it now!



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