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The Best Motivational Video about Paul Walker who chased his dreams no matter what happened in life. His Story will Inspire You.

“It’s not about working anymore, it’s about doing work I can be proud of!”
He ruled the screens!
He has been on screen since he was a toddler. Starring in Pampers advertisements.
He had deep desire of action and his adrenaline rush was clearly visible since his
childhood days.
He made his film debut when he was 13 years old in the horror/comedy film ‘Monster in
the Closet’.
He had deep interest in marine biology and did graduation majoring in the subject.
He was also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a professional race car driver.
A man of many talents, he proved ‘versatility’!
He took acting as his full time career but also maintained his zeal in his other interests.
He wanted to join the US Army during Gulf War but circumstance refrained him.
He participated in Redline Time Attach racing series from the AE Performance Team.
He drove a BMW M3 E92.
His love of the ocean and marine biology got him a place in the Board of Directors of the
Billfish Foundation in 2006.
He also took part in a TV series by the National Geographic named Expedition Great
White in 2010.
He did everything he loved and was passionate about.
He was not only an adventurous person but also a man with a golden heart.
He founded a disaster relief organization, ‘Reach Out Worldwide’ after the Haiti
He was a doting father and a family man.
There were times when he wanted to quit his acting career, because he wanted to be a
‘full-time father’.

Very few people know that he was once homeless, living outside the garage.
Despite having a large fan base, very little is known about his personal life.
All we know is a man who was thrilled to explore his passion and live into everything
that he loved.
He said, “If one day the speed kills me, don’t cry. Because I was smiling.”
Probably he knew how unpredictable life is.
Paul Walker is no more with us but he lives in the memories of million fans.
He showed us the meaning of living a life.
Brian O'Conner of Fast and Furious will always remain a fan favorite.

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