Next on Generations: The Legacy 27 – Eps 120 (11 May 2018)


Mazwi refuses to join the alliance but is forced to change his mind. Lucy gets dumped.Jack is furious to hear what Michael is up to.

Gadaffi’s actions and words are like a knife in the heart for the woman who loves him.Getty is nervous when Gobela assigns her with a crucial task. Mazwi is furious about who Cynthia hired as receptionist.

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Set in the cutthroat world of media communications in the city of Johannesburg, Generations looks at the story of lovers, arch-rivals, cheaters, backstabbers and some good people of Ezweni Communications, Mashaba Media and Siqalo Coart.
A place where drama, suspense and intrigue are the name of the game when you’re up against enemies you don’t even know you have. A place where people will stop at nothing to get their lovers even if it means resorting to violence, seduction and even murder



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