Papa Jean Tampwhuo-Sahum forever!!! M’Emily Sanzay Ngaye in Kinshasa, DR Congo


Mr Jean-Paul LAWRENCE TAMPU-EYA, BA LL.B. LL.M. PhD (Law Res.), a British Citizen and winner of the London Borough of Hackney’s Ron Devoti Award on 05 March 2011 for his services to Hackney Residents, was born in the Congo in 1964.

Education and career
Mr Lawrence was educated at the University of East London (UK) where he is credited with a Doctor of Philosophy (Law Res.) after successfully gaining a Master of Laws degree with Merit (all marks ranging from 60% to 78%) in 1999 and LL.B. (Hon’s) Law Degree (2:2) in February 1997. He also obtained a BA (Hon’s) Politics and International Relations (2:1) from the University of Westminster (London) in 1999.

He works as a lawyer for CARA (Charity No. 1135610) where he advises on immigration, debt, welfare, housing and other legal matters.

Before working for CARA, Mr Lawrence worked with several law firms, including the Middlesex Legal Centre, Kumar and Co. Solicitors, Ronald Fletcher Baker and Co. Solicitors and Ulasi Solicitors where he built up a wide range of experience and knowledge.

He can speak, read and write 7 different languages fluently, including French, Lingala, Kongo, Mbala, Yansi, and English. –



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