WPT in ACTION and myself are going out to preach the Good News of YAHUVEH,RUACH HA KODESH and YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as we extend YAH’s Love to the Homeless people and also sharing with them the true Hebrew names of GOD(YAHUVEH) and of the HOLY SPIRIT(RUACH HA KODESH) and of JESUS CHRIST(YAHUHSUA HA MASHIACH) and to also offer them the FREE GIFT of SALVATION,who is YAHUSHUA,the true SABBATH DAY(friday sundown to Saturday sundown)Holiness and Righteousness by bringing to them food and spiritual food “the word of YAH” And the young children of this generation will learn to have compassion.Love for the people no mater who you are,where you’re from the color of your skin,economic status,health,we all need YAHUSHUA and know that he LOVE YOU and YAHUSHUA died for you and that his coming back for you once you receive him as your SAVIOR.The WARRIOR PRAYER TEAM in ACTION prepared cards with messages,help with the food,packing it up and Off we went in the streets to preach the gospel and pray for the needs of the people.I thank YAH and The HOLY SPIRIT because I know there was no way in our own strength we could have done this alone we we’re supose to start at 3pm we we already know where we we’re going where most of the Homeless was and to our surprise not one to be found that night BUT THE PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH knew where she wanted us to go and after seeing the disappointment in the kids face,I silently prayed That the RIUACH HA QODESH lead us to who need this shortly after The RUACH HA QODESH lead us exactly where YAH needed us to go,and YAHUSHUA love moved in perfectly.It had to happen that way for all of us to know it was not by our hand for it would have failed,later on when we all got back to the house to give THANKS and PRAISE the Adults and children PRAISE YAH for he had a perfect plan,the lady in the wheelchair said the salvation prayer with the kids PRAISE YAH,the group of Haitian men and woman in a group prayer said the salvation prayer in creole PRAISE YAH at the end of the day we gave out 60 plate of food the menu was stew turkey,vegetable rice,corn,string beans,bread with water and juice and pumpkin pie,THE WORD OF YAH. LIVING WATER YAHUSHUA and desert well THE SWEET RUACH HA KODESH.



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