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Sak pase!  My name is Captain Haiti.

I’m creating a We are The World 2.0, with you and me. 

My mission is to make 1804 voices from all cultures Sign Along with Ayiti.  You don’t need to have a good voice, just a great heart! 

I’m so grateful to have received the support of a 2 time Grammy Nominated Artist and Producer; Tony Choy! (2 Billion streams)

Thanks to him, one of the top guitarist of the industry, Peter Parente (Gloria Estephan, Chayenne, Jhon Secada), have already contributed to the project with his amazing talent. 

The owner of WHEU@ Studio , Jay, have also contributed over 50 hours to the project.

As you can hear, Sing Along With Ayiti sounds already great, but we still have a long way to go.  Tony’s vision is to collaborate with one musician per country where Ayiti did export its freedom in the past; 

– Venezuella
– Colombia
– Panama
– Mexico
– U.S.
– Ecuador
– Greece
– Israel
– Ethiopia 
– and more…

To cover all the  production cost, I’m looking  for 1,804 people to come in studio to have fun and Sing with me.  

My challenge was to find creative ways to raise the money needed and cover the cost of involving the top musicians of the world. 

Your brand will appear in the beginning of the video as a presenter.
Your Logo and on the packaging as  the official presenter.

SPONSOR; $1804
You logo will appear on the  packaging of the produce we ship to our contributors.

You have the opportunity to work with a 2 times Grammy Nominated Artist and Producer and record your voice at a professional Studio. 

CONSUMER; $18.04
One produce from a Haitian Farmer at your doorstep. To make this possible, I have established the perfect partnership with Horizon vert.  Last year alone they have exported 28 containers from Ayiti.  They bring the product from Ayiti. I ship it to your doostep.

I will ship you an Haitian Flag by mail.

I will email you my coloring page.

GAMER; $0 (Android only)
Have fun by playing my FREE App Game and help finance the song  thanks a a few advertisement.

Share this with a Haitian you know… or any Celebrity!



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