What’s wrong with Hillary Clinton?


What’s wrong with Hillary Clinton?

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Hillary’s greedy, not transformational I will not vote for her. Colin Powell
We all know that Majority of Americans has no trust on Hillary Clinton, she is “Corrupted,” who used her private email server to conduct State Department business money Laundry (which, most Americans believes, disqualifies her for the presidency) and numerous other criminal acts.

From the perspective of Bernie Sanders’ forces, she gave speeches to fat cats, is a military hawk who voted for the Iraq War, grovels for money, gets counsel from squirrely Wall Street bankers and rigged the delegate selection.

This much we understand: To her detractors, Hillary Clinton is the devil incarnate.

Who Hillary Clinton is, the Hillary so many people seem to distrust, has been shaped in large part by the media who cover her by which I mean not the media image of her, but the image she has purveyed of herself through the media and because of them.
If voters look past Hillary’s history of lies, they’ll get what they deserve in the White House.

America, you cannot say you were not warned.

If eight years of a Clinton presidency were not enough to teach you about the slow-rolling train wreck soap opera of dazzling indifference, monumental selfishness, convoluted lies and shameless cover-ups, then just maybe you deserve to live with yet another monstrous mistake.

Lady Hillary Clinton’s orchestration of a sprawling and fantastically dishonest cover-up of the terrorist attack on her State Department consulate in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11 is a clear reminder of just how totally indifferent the Clinton’s are when it comes to their responsibility to the voters they serve, the people they command and the country they represent.

It is only when due to their own ineptitude and recklessness they find their own personal Fannies in a pinch that they become truly engaged. And then they become supreme maestros of fantastic cover-ups designed to skirt (no pun intended, Bubba) their own responsibility and lay waste to anyone and everyone who dares to pursue the truth or question the Clinton’s or their motives.
Gregory Hicks, deputy chief of mission in Tripoli at the time of the organized terrorist attack in Benghazi, watched in horror as the Clinton machine kicked into hyper-speed whitewashing the attack in which four Americans were killed.

“My jaw hit the floor as I watched this,” Hicks told House investigators, describing UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s wall-to-wall appearances on Sunday political shows.

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We cannot afford to elect a president with a history bad “judgment” bad “Instincts.” Her Careless action in Libya, Syria, Iraq has created chaos ISIS in the Mideast , A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war with Russia.

She’s going to get millions killed within her first year in office because Putin has ZERO respect for her and won’t take much more of her insults! She’s throwing him under the bus when we already know it was the DOJ who hacked the emails! They admitted it but her and her minions refuse to acknowledge it because how would that look?

They think she’s so dangerous that they’ll break the law to make sure everyone KNOWS what a dangerous and shady AF person she is!!! Her arrogance and greed WILL be the death of America!!! John Podesta a man who speaks badly of Hillary and everybody else he said she has bad “Instincts” but Bernie said she has bad “Judgment.” So what do you want to put someone in office who the top people that know they say bad “Judgment” bad “Instincts” we’re gonna make her our president. ————————————————————–
Podesta email #26551: Deception Within “Media Polling”…Media Polling Fully Exposed – they discuss to start February By market, regions, etc. to “Oversample polling. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5205
Wikileaks reveal Globalist Hillary DID receive debate questions Donna Brazile Used Her CNN to Warn Hillary Clinton About ‘Town Hall’ Questions. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5205
WikiLeaks reveal Globalist Hillary has “Control” inside of many of the mainstream media outlets. Does the reason they giving fake political polls. Date: 2015-04-08 Podesta email #120632063 Press Dinners – Full Info https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/12063



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