19730611 Coronation Street 11 Jun 1973 Ep 1294


Hilda is in a good mood over the ballroom dancing with Ted Loftus. With the shop opening for business, Jerry paints the sign for The Kabin. Mavis tells Jerry she has an interview that afternoon as Rita’s assistant. Glyn Thomas wants Bet or Betty to be his personal cook whilst he’s at the Rovers. Betty agrees to be Ernie’s dance partner at the lessons with Emily away. Norma is taken with Glyn when he offers to buy her a drink. Jerry asks Rita to take into account Mavis’s shyness when she sees her. A nervous customer buys his regular copy of Pig Producers’ Monthly from Rita but wonders where the usual supplement is before he runs from the shop. Finding that Walter Biddulph has left, the customer cancels his order. She annoys Albert when she demands they are cleared each week. Hilda, Ted and Ernie are the only ones who turn up for the lesson. A reluctant Ray goes with Deirdre to the lesson.



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