Mailman Assaulted By Racist Woman


After a black USPS delivery man secretly taped a deranged woman’s racist tirade against him, the term “going postal” is bound to re-enter our cultural lexicon, this time to describe the crazed customer. In fact, the postal worker remained remarkably calm during the whole fiasco.

The epic story out of Hingham, Massachusetts went down like this: Apparently a woman signed for a certified letter that was delivered to her address, but then decided she didn’t want it because it was for her husband and not herself.

She then tried to return the letter to the mailman — but, of course, you can’t actually do that because it is against the law. So instead of doing something rational like sticking the letter back in her mailbox, or, say, giving it to her husband, she went nuts and started screaming at the mailman. At one point she actually reached in and slapped him across the face.

The video gets progressively more racist as it goes on — just when you think she can’t possibly say anything more horrifically offensive, she goes and outdoes herself. It’s almost performance art, really. The worst kind of performance art ever.

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