Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime


Two college undergrads – Toby and Kara – wake up after blacking out Halloween night to discover they broke their condom. Toby receives an ominous phone call from his father who tells him that he must leave everything behind and meet the family at their rendezvous point because they missed the evacuation of Earth. Though already feuding, Kara suggests she might be pregnant, so Toby invites her to come. A mysterious agent hunts them down on their trip. As they try to lose him, Toby, an OCD physics major, tries repeatedly to explain to Kara, a general studies major, his theories about multiverses and that while they were waisted together, he must have solved not only the Theory of Everything but of god itself. Toby’s moment of inspiration must have entangled the multi-verse, which is why society collapsed. The agent must be after Toby’s equation in order to un-entangle things, but Toby can’t remember it. So, Kara must make the ultimate leap of faith in the hopes to inspire Toby again.



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