A FA-tima film
Story by: Falia Justima
Directed by: Vladimy Bellefleur

Charles is a successful young man who is being haunted by a bad decision made in his past. His recent engagement to his childhood sweetheart, Tammie is raising a lot of attentions. At first, he seems to have it all, a great career, a loving family, some great friends, and a bright future but he suddenly finds himself in a world of trouble; How and why did everyone turn against him? Can a Mea Culpa get him out of his dilemma?

Executive Producer: Falia Justima
Casting Director: Jean Bernard Justima

Starring: Falia Justima * Jean Bernard Justima* Nikita Turk * Michelson Aristhyl * Sandra Bellefleur * Martine Joseph



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  1. Mwen te ka renmen film nan wi men se kreyòl fransè spayòl pòtiguè mwen pale mwen pa tande sal moun yo ap di a et anpil film ayisyen jwe koulya pap fasil jwenn moun ki pou fè kòmantè pou yo

  2. Wow…this is such a fantastic movie…great Job! I hope other haitian producers and so called actor's take some notes from you guys….impressive acting, great story, great picture and sound effect was very good. overall Im proud to refer anyone to this movie played by my Haitians. Kudos!!!

  3. My friend doing the damn thing!!!
    You and Sandy and crew did awesome and i never sit through a movie like i did this one
    You guys going to do big things!!