Royal Bonbon (2003) – Trailer


Directed by : Charles Najman
Produced by : Les Films du Requin
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 25 min
French release: 07/05/2003
Production year: 2002

A destitute man wanders the streets of Cap Haïtien, dreaming about his imaginary kingdom. He thinks he’s King Christophe, the New World’s first ruler, a former slave who went on to liberate Haiti in 1804.
Chased out of the city, King Chacha — as he is known — takes refuge in the grandiose ruins of the Sans Souci castle. He is accompanied by Thimothée, a young street urchin who he has taken under his wing.
The inhabitants of a neighboring village, who’ve been waiting for the sovereign’s return for many years, are caught up in his folly.
Within a few days, the kingdom springs to life again. The poverty-stricken populace revels in the pomp and splendor of a tinsel court. But all too soon, King Chacha proves to be an implacable tyrant.
Thimothée, repulsed by his protector’s transformation, plots his downfall.

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